I am writing here to work out some various strands of thinking that perhaps don’t lend themselves to magazine or academic publication. Think wayward essays and fragments on cultural form, history and aesthetics; the good stuff.

I have written on art, music and literature for The Quietus, AQNB, extraextra magazine and forthcoming with LARB, Jacket2 and the Poetry Project Newsletter. Poetry pamphlets include relief I willed it (Gong Farm, 2021), fragments on mutability (Earthbound Press, 2020), and Suburban Finesse co-authored with Ashwani Sharma and Azad Ashim Sharma (Sad Press, 2021). I have also been involved in art residencies at Turf Projects, Croydon.

If this becomes a regular thing I will work out some paid subscription/donation options etc.

commissions and feedback welcome: ksharmapatel[at]gmail[dot]com

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cultural critique, essay-form, aesthetics, fragments etc